Our Story

Hey! I'm Cheyenne, the owner and founder of Brynlee Maisyn Co! The adorable little girl I'm holding? Well you probably already guessed, that's Brynlee! The inspiration behind Brynlee Maisyn Co. and my little personal cheerleader. 

The day Brynlee was born, my dream of having a little "mini me" came true! Everyone always says that becoming a mom changes you, but I never knew exactly what they meant by that... until I became one. Our precious girl has been a blessing in so many ways. Watching a tiny human adapt to the outside world and learn new things on a daily basis is really quite inspiring. So much so that I felt called to do more myself! I wasn't sure just what I was supposed to do yet but Bryn quickly sparked the perfect idea!

Thanks to my husband, Josh, I was lucky enough to get to stay home when Bryn was born. Downtime was a new concept to me when I quit my job and I often found myself just trying to figure out how to stay busy. It wasn't long before I discovered my OBSESSION for baby clothes! Dress up became our favorite part of the day. We spent hours putting together outfits, setting up backdrops and sets, and learning the basics of photography. Brynlee LOVED it!

Photoshoots could easily turn a frown into a smile for both of us, and that's when the idea hit me! I want to help put smiles on the faces of mama's all over the world!

#momlife is hard. I'm sure everyone can relate to that. But taking a break to play dress up, throw on a cute outfit and snap some pictures will always warm your heart! 

We have some exciting plans for Brynlee Maisyn Co. in the future, including more sizes, a baby boys collection and our own exclusive clothing line! So stay tuned, you won't want to miss a thing!